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Brompton World Championships 2009

5th Oct 2009, 17:02:50

By James Stocks

I rode in the BWC last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was looking forward to this year's ride, as was my other half, Karen. My parents came along to do the leisure ride where the four mile circuit is opened for the paying public.

I had a great time on the ride, finishing the two laps in just over the half hour mark. It was good to see such a good turnout, I think there were in excess of 800 riders taking part which made for some exciting three and four abreast riding on the narrow paths.

I put my cheap and nasty helmet camera on my head tube and recorded my ride:

I've also posted some photos of the event in this gallery.

You might have seen Karen, she was wearing turquiose-green to match her Turkish green Brompton. Regrettably, she didn't have such a good time as I did. About three miles in to the first lap, Karen and her Brompton parted company at in excess of 20MPH; she was knocked unconscious and was badly grazed on the face, hands, elbows, hip and knees. Karen doesn't remember any of the accident and can only recall waking up in the ambulance.

I was riding with my helmet camera strapped to my bike, so I unwittingly recorded the aftermath. You can see her behind the ambulance here.

Karen was treated at the scene by the Red Cross before being taken by ambulance to John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford. Much to everyone's relief, all her injuries were superficial except for a concussion. She is at home and feeling much better today but very sore.

Karen in hospital

Pictures of Karen's helmet:

Damaged cycle helmet Damaged cycle helmet Damaged cycle helmet

I'd like to extend my sincere thanks to everyone involved in looking after Karen on the day. We will be making a donation to the British Red Cross - we urge you to do the same.

Incidentally and amazingly, the Brompton was absolutely fine apart from some scuffs on the pedal, saddle and gear levers. Tough little bike.

If anyone saw what happened please let us know by email or the comments, she'd love to know why she fell.

Update 3rd November 2009

Brompton Goodies

A kind lady at Brompton tracked Karen down and sent her a load of goodies to make up for not receiving her BWC goody bag. A big, big, big thank you to Brompton for this!

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4th Feb 2010, 03:24:59 by spire_rider
WOW - being an avid cruiser rider having logged many miles on the east coast, I can emphasize - BUT is is not the value of the helmet but the speed at which you head hits the pavement ! and if you think these guys NEVER stumble ! - SPACIAL AWARENESS may oneday save your life - nice to connect again after such along time - Steve

4th Feb 2010, 03:27:19 by spire_rider
POSTSCRIPT - How much was the donation to the BRITISH RED CROSS LODGE ?

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