"the site for those who crave disappointment"

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I'm James Stocks. I mess with computers a lot and have a really bad memory. I also like to rant. This site is just a place for me to write stuff down.

This site is served by Apache 2 on a "Snakebite" Power Mac G4 Dual 1GHz running Debian Linux (pictured right).

My Servers

Server Stats (I like graphs).

A graph to show bytes transferred in and out of my ADSL connection per second and the number of concurrent connections tracked by pf for the past week:

pfstat graph

The above graph was generated using pfstat, a utility which processes data from pf.

Two graphs to show the amount of email handled by over the past week:



The two above graphs were generated using mailgraph.

All technical guides, information and rants are suggestions only. If you broke something by following instructions here I'm very sorry but I will not be held responsible. However, if you ask nicely I'll try to help you.
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