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Tesco are Insane

14th May 2008, 08:42:12

By James Stocks

Tesco Customer Service
PO Box 73
Baird Avenue
Dryburgh Industrial Estate

14th May 2008

Dear Retail Overlords,

I wish to report the sudden disappearance of common sense from the Stafford 'Tesco Extra' store.

I have been shopping at the Stafford store since it opened about four years ago and have been a Tesco customer for considerably longer than this. Occasionally, as part of my weekly shop, I choose to purchase beer, wine or spirits. This has never caused me a problem in the past and I had never been asked to prove my age.

On the last three shopping trips I have made to the Stafford branch of Tesco, however, I have been asked by the cashier to produce proof that I am over 18 years of age. This is in spite of the fact that I:

Since I do not habitually carry around my passport or other form of ID, this has resulted in both a loss of revenue for Tesco and me to be dissatisfied with the service I have received. On one occasion, the boy staffing the customer service desk in front of the checkouts was quite rude and abrasive. He informed me that I "must" bring ID to the store if I am going to purchase alcohol. Of course, I am not obligated to do any such thing.

Until such time as you can assure me that sanity has been restored at the Stafford branch, I shall be doing all my shopping at the Stafford branch of Sainsburys, who are quite happy to sell me all the lovely wine and beer I want without kicking up a stink.

Should you choose to reply to my letter, please note that I do not care about:

so please do not mention these in any reply to my correspondence.

Yours sincerely,

J. P. Stocks.

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4th Feb 2010, 03:41:29 by spire_rider
Didnt realise you were that close STOCKSY ! < 3hrs and you never brought cakes ;) Have fun and in the words of the NORTHERN SCUM sorry meant BEAUTIFUL SOUTH - If you cant have fun have someone elses fun - UNFORTUNATELY I do not get carded in this country unlike in the US when I was desperate and got carded and at the time didnt carry :( - but I could be your dad ! Now don't be afraid and help me change the world on TWITTER - there could be money in them there hills ! And if you get scared and need a decent lawyer call the EFF - your about the same age -

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