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Installing OpenVPN from macports in OS X 10.7 Lion

15th Aug 2011, 11:55:55

By James Stocks

When I upgraded to 10.7, it broke the openvpn2 macport. Turns out it's pretty easy to fix?

First of all, I re-installed macports from the .dmg to make sure everything was still in place. Next, it's just a case of applying one patch to the port:

Obtain the patch file:

$ cd ~/Downloads
$ curl -O

Go to the port directory and apply the patch:

$ cd $(port dir openvpn2)
$ sudo -s
# patch < ~/Downloads/openvpn2-lion.patch

The patch applies but it puts one of the files in the wrong place. If I knew how to use patch properly I expect this could be avoided quite easily, but the following workaround is perfectly acceptable:

# mkdir files
# mv patch-syshead.h.diff files/

Now just install the openvpn2 port as usual:

# port install openvpn2

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