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How to get Disconnect Supervision on your BT Telephone Line

23rd Dec 2008, 20:42:58

By James Stocks

Disconnect Supervision is a brief interruption of your telephone line's usual 48V signal. This voltage drop tells your device that the remote party has cleared the line and it is time to hang up. Disconnect supervision is also sometimes called "calling party control (CPC)," "open loop disconnect", "cutoff on disconnect" or "disconnect clear time (DCT)". Phew.

Anyway, by default, the timing of this voltage drop seems to be only 100ms or so which is too short for the FXO card in my Asterisk box.

Like most BT related problems, this can be resolved by speaking to the right person, using the right BT terminology and asking the right questions.

After about two hours of explaining the ins and outs of a cat's arsehole to several bemused and disinterested offshore call centre employees, I finally found the following procedure to be efficacious:

If anybody reading this knows how to get Virgin Media to do this, please tell me and I will award you one million points!*

*Cash value 0.000001p.

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