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Printing to 10.3 With Windows XP

1st Mar 2004, 21:11:13

By James Stocks

This page documents how I set up my Mac running Panther to share it's HP DeskJet 1220C with Windows hosts on the LAN. It is written with reference to this Apple Discussions FAQ and This page DEAD LINK. Revised (complete re-write) 6th of October 2004

These instructions are written with reference to OS X 10.3.5 (Panther). There is no reason why it shouldn't work on 10.2.x (Jaguar) as well, but it might require you to adapt these instructions a bit. Since I don't have access to a Mac with Jaguar any more, this is left as an exercise for the reader. These instructions most definitely will not work on versions before 10.2, because they used lpd not CUPS.

This article is out of date. It will be helpful if you are still running Panther, but does not apply to Tiger. For Tiger, see This Apple KB doc.

Before you start, run software update and make sure you are running the very latest version of 10.3 with all the security updates.

On your Mac

System preferences --> Sharing

At this point you might be presented with a request for authentication. This is because Apple broke the web interface with one of their point updates, so lets fix it!

CUPS Authentication
#Encryption Required
<Limit GET>
AuthType Basic
AuthClass System
#Encryption Required
<Limit GET>
AuthType Digest
Printer details Choosing your device in CUPS Select RAW as the Make Select Raw as the model The printer list in CUPS Printer setup utility

That completes the configuration on the Mac. Lets continue and set up the PC.

On your PC

This procedure is written with reference to Windows XP Pro.

If you haven't already, start by obtaining and installing the latest Windows driver for your printer from the manufacturer's web site.

Supply the path to your printer like this:

Supply the URL

You'll be asked for a printer driver. Use the Windows driver supplied by your printer manufacturer.

Choose a PS Printer Driver Set default printer Successful installation

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