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Using a Raspberry Pi as a Monitor for Ubiquiti UniFi Video Cameras

20th Mar 2016, 19:04:02

Based upon Raspberry Pi 4-Cam Matrix Viewer Appliance.

I really like Ubiquiti's UniFi CCTV system, but what it lacks is an easy way to have a live view of what the cameras are seeing. It's possible to log in to the NVR and use the live view feature, but this requires someone to enter the credentials and navigate a web browser to the correct page.

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How I used Asterisk to Take Back Control of my Telephone

23rd Jun 2013, 13:11:40

I turned to Asterisk to solve the problem of telemarketers cold calling us. Along the way, I discovered that it can do much more and it saves us money. Read on to see my configuration.

Asterisk logo

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23rd Apr 2013, 21:37:42

Since I first started to experiment with chan_mobile, I've got used to the convenience of a GSM breakout for my Asterisk PBX. As you might reasonably expect, chan_mobile isn't 100% reliable, so a 'proper' GSM card was a tempting prospect.

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A Diary of a Be Broadband Refugee

15th Mar 2013, 18:57:58

I was sad when I heard Be had been sold to Sky. Be were the first reputable company to offer ADSL2+ in my area and the only ones to offer annex M, giving me a blistering 5Mb/s download and 1Mb/s upload speeds. When there was a technical problem, there was a 24/7 freephone number to call which would be answered by a man who didn't care if you were using Linux behind a FreeBSD router - not once was I ever asked to restart Windows or to please be doing the needful.

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BT Infinity FTTC (and my own FreeBSD router)

13th Jan 2013, 17:22:17

Since it was launched three years ago in 2010, BT Infinity with its 80Mb download and 20Mb upload has been a tempting prospect, but the idea of dealing with BT retail horrifies me. However, having just acquired a building with no phone line, my hand was forced. It seems BT is the only telecom operator who will install a PSTN line for free for new subscribers. This saving of £130.00 pushed me over the edge. How bad could it be?

BT HomeHub 3

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A Raspberry Pi and High Power USB Devices

18th Oct 2012, 10:16:49

After some faltering attempts to use my Raspberry Pi model B as a media centre, I repurposed it as a take-anywhere 3G router and general wireless swiss army knife. To do so, I needed to be able to use high power USB devices which the Raspberry Pi is not designed for. I (re)learned a bit about electronics in the process.

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iRobot Roomba 770 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner - is it Any Good?

23rd Jun 2012, 10:06:32

Yes, I think it is.

Most people vacuum the house about once a week. It's a job that's easy to ignore when you're busy: once a week becomes every other week, then becomes once a month. In our house, it had become a herculean task that was done once in a blue moon. So I thought, I have an automatic dishwasher to clean my dishes, an automatic washing machine to clean my clothes, why not a robotic vacuum cleaner for my carpets?

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